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I write about D&I, accessibility and visual impairment. Here’s how my writing can help you.

  • I ceate content for your blog, website or intranet that supports and promotes your diversity, inclusion or accessibility objectives and positions you as an organization who leads the way in that field.
  • I deliver original and well researched articles and long form blog posts that engage readers and get them talking.
  • I communicate your inclusive message in your voice.
  • I partner with you to write content that raises awareness of issues that matter to you and your readers.
  • I save you time. If you don’t have the time or inclination to research and write blog posts for your website, that’s what I’m here for.

Blindness and Visual Impairment

My area of expertise is in blindness and visual impairment. I write in-depth articles or blog content for organizations with a special interest in this topic, such as nonprofts, specialist blogs and online publications. I also create content in this area for organisations from any industry who have an interest in, or wish to start a discussion around blindness or visual impairment.

Long form content

These well researched, engaging blog posts and articles are popular with readers who want a real insight into a particular topic. These posts communicate to the reader that your organization is leading the way in your chosen area.

How-to guides

These practical and informative blog posts position your website as the go-to place when readers want to figure out how to do something new.

List Posts

Your readership wants easy-to-digest, meaningful information, and they want it fast. These posts allow you to present knowledge to your readers in a format that suits their busy schedule.

Ghost Writing

Convey your message to your readers, in your voice without using any of your valuable time.

Case studies

Give readers a real insight into your impact through case studies. Following a journey and highlighting it’s successes or hearing the words of someone you have impacted can instill trust and confidence in readers, clients and peers.

Question Posts

Get readers’ attention with a question that they want answered. Answer in detail or give them just enough to inspire them to start a discussion.

When you decide to work with me I can also:

  • Help you decide which service is most suited to your requirements.
  • Research topics to find the most relevant and impactful subject matters in line with your objectives
  • Pitch blog ideas that will capture your audience and start conversations.
  • Optimise copy for search engines by using (not over-using!)  key words and phrases

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