5 Inspirational Blind Women

International Women’s Day 2021 In celebration of International Women’s Day I would like to share the stories of five inspirational women. A woman who campaigned for the rights of disabled people, women’s suffrage, labour laws and world peace, a woman who escaped from slavery then helped 300 other enslaved people find freedom, a woman at... Continue Reading →

VI English Pancake Recipe

Today I'm sharing how I, a legally blind mum makes pancakes for my family using the 'One Cup Pancakes' mehtod. Happy Pancake Day! In non-Covid days (remember those?!) children would be running down the street clutching a frying pan, as they flipped their way towards victory in the annual pancake race… Actually, I don’t know... Continue Reading →

Blindness and Social Distancing

I recently spoke to a good friend about how Covid-19 had affected all of our lives. We live on different continents, but life is remarkabky similar for us and millions of others as we all #StayAtHome. My friend was interested to know how I was finding social distancing with limited vision. She knows that I... Continue Reading →

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