Stop glasses fogging up when wearing a mask

It seems like masks will continue to feature in our lives for some time. Anyone who wears glasses knows how frustrating it is when you’re wearing a mask and your glasses steam up. It’s not just a matter of inconvenience it also compromises safety.

Having spent the last two years either behind foggy lenses or with glasses on top of my head, I think I’ve finally found a solution. I tried every trick and hack the internet had to offer and nothing worked – until recently. I credit my fog-free status to WSJ online. (You may not be able to access the full article without a subscription). I gave their technique a go and found it worked pretty well, so if you feel you’ve endured a kind of mask-induced visual impairment for long enough, give this a go. It might just work for you too.

To prevent your glasses from fogging up, all you need is a tissue that is roughly as long as the width of your mask. Fold the tissue lengthways a couple of times, then slip it into the top of your mask across the bridge of your nose. This creates an absorbent barrier across the top of your mask so moisture from your breath can no longer escape upwards towards your glasses. Et voila! No more foggy glasses!

I hope you found this tip useful, or can pass it on to someone you know, who will. I’ll be back next week with a new post and hope to see you again then!

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Image shows Ming, the author of A Blinding Light. She has long black hair and is wearing a red top.

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