Let’s Get Accessible Products Built! Amazon Build It

It’s not often we get to influence which products make it to shelves for us to buy. So when I came across Amazon Build It, it caught my attention for two reasons. Firstly it seemed like an original and fun way to let consumers decide what products they make. Secondly I immediately saw the potential to get more accessible products made. The products showcased by Amazon Build It are compatible with Alexa. Alexa has been a game changer for blind and visually impaired people in recent years, myself included, so I thought maybe products designed to be used with Alexa, might well be accessible for people like me too.

The more feedback we can give to companies about the kinds of smart products we want to see, the more they will listen. This is a rare channel where we can do just that. It’s a way we can actually have some influence about what is made available to us. Check out the products that are being showcased on Amazon build it at the moment, and have your say. It seems like a small thing, a bit of fun and a bit gimmicky, but if we want to see more accessible products on the market for everyone, we should take the opportunities that we have to make our opinions heard.

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