It’s true that mums who can’t see, or see very little, have to do things differently to our sighted mum friends. Some things might take us a bit longer and it might require more effort, but we generally find a way. I find that when people learn that I’m legally blind, they’re often more surprised or impressed by the things I do, than I expect them to be. Blind mums, like all mums, just do what we need to do, to take care of our families and run our homes. I’m not taking away any credit from all the lovely blind mums out there – what we do in raising our children is tough as it is amazing at the best of times. Throw in a visual impairment and you have to get quite creative and dig out some real determination, to get things done! I would just like the wider population to know that we blind and visually impaired mums are capable of so much more than we are sometimes given credit for. I think it’s time to raise awareness about what blind and visually impaired mamas do. Sometimes things we do are day to day, changing nappies, picking up children, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. But equally, many blind mums get out there and do amazing things that are out of the ordinary and sensational. Let’s share the mundane and the extraordinary because both are important in their own ways.

Use the hashtag #BlindMumsCan if you are a blind or visually impaired mum and share the things you get up to. Or if you know a mum who can’t see so well, use the hashtag, tag her and tell the world what she does that makes her amazing in your eyes. You could even tag someone else and get them to share too. It could be anything from cooking dinner to learning a new skill!

Whether it’s everyday tasks or once in a lifetime experiences, what a mother does is inspirational to those who matter the most, our children. Let’s record these memories for them whilst raising awareness about what it’s like to be a blind mum.

Follow me as I share my #BlindMumsCan posts my social media pages on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . I really hope you’ll join me in doing this. I think it’s important we share what we do, not just to educate others, but to inspire other blind and visually impaired mums. A simple post can share an idea, suggest a new way of doing something or offer invaluable support. Come on Mamas, let’s exceed expectations and provide a little insight into a blind mum’s world for those who haven’t been here, but want to learn more.

A quick reminder, to make your posts more accessible, please remember to capitalise the first letter of each word in the hashtag and provide a description of your photo. Thank you as always! x

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